Understanding the science behind electronic cigarettes

An e-cigarette can be described as an electronic inhaler device that vaporises liquid solutions into some kind of an aerosol mist that simulates the tobacco smoking process.

An e-cigarette does not contain tobacco which implies that it does not burn or produce smoke. Electronic cigarettes as their name suggest are battery operated gadgets that can also emit non-nicotine vaporized solutions. These devices are now used as alternatives for tobacco smokers who are avoiding to inhale smoke from conventional cigarettes.

These product designs resemble long shaped tubes while others are designed like long ball point pens. e-cigs come with refillable cartridges.

According to credible information published by Wall Street Journal approximately 10% of smokers usually quit smoking after trying out an electronic cigarette, and this implies that these products can substitute other government approved tobacco cessation products such as lozenges and nicotine patches.

Conventional cigarettes are perceived to be very harmful because they release toxin via combustion process. Contrastingly, e-cigarettes only rely on battery power in order to provide heat to nicotine laced e liquid before converting it into vapour.

Also in another similar survey conducted in 2012 by University of East London that involved 1,347 e cigarette users from 33 different countries across the globe, it was revealed that approximately 77% of smokers did not smoke for some few weeks after trying out e cigarettes products, while 70% also reported a reduction in smoking urge.

According to centre for Disease control electronic cigarette uk usage is surging and nearly one in five adults have tried out e-cig cessation tools. Another organization, the Consumer Advocates predicts that by the year 2018, roughly between 30%-40% of cigarette smokers will have shifted towards e-cigarettes hence pushing the products annual sales between $15 $20 Billion. This particular boom is also likely to be bolstered by the fact that there are several public facilities that have banned use of conventional tobacco products yet these same facilities allow electronic alternatives.

Typical e-cigs product contain three main parts known as the Cartridge, atomizer, and the battery. The cartridge is considered the most important component because it contains the e-juice or rather the solutions to be inhaled. This particular juice comes with hundreds of flavours including orange, lavender, chocolate, pineapple, and tobacco/menthol flavours that resemble conventional tobacco cigarettes.
Buying e cigs is a very straightforward process and these electronic cigs can be easily purchased online provided that you own a credit or a debit card.